Spirtual songs of MJ…

I AM A BIG MICHAEL JACKSON FAN! If Jesus comes back I would love for him to bring back MLK and MJ as well! That is one side of the fanatic aspect of “This Imperfect Christian” (LOL). Today would have been his 53rd birthday. :>'(

I wanna highlight three of his songs with a spiritual feeling to it. A lot of folks unfortunately don’t know of a lot of spirtual feeling some of his most heartfelt songs had. Of course everyone knows about “Man In The Mirror”. The best performance of this song is the one he did at the 1988 Grammy Awards!!

Another one folks aren’t aware of and honestly should be is an underrated song called “Keep The Faith” off the Dangerous CD that is a song about perservance, believing in yourself and hanging in there. We could stand to hear this song a little more often right along with “Man In The Mirror” in this day and age with soo much negativity going on in our lives!

Another underrated song I will always remember because of sadly the day I discovered it the evening of June 25, 2009 driving home from work is this one that just like “Keep The Faith” was never released as a single. “Someone Put Your Hand Out” is a beautiful and heartfelt song for genuine love from someone. A lot of what is needed in this day and age is genuine love towards our fellow man.

It’s not really a spiritual song but sometimes it helps to take a step back from the crazy world and think about life through the eyes “With a Child’s Heart”…



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