I like the direction I am taking this blog

I don’t post on here all the time. Yet the recent posts on this blog on gays and the black church as well as Creflo Dollar and his alleged abuse of his daughter are hidden things that need to come out and be addressed in a blog setting by Imperfect Christian folks like myself! I wanna keep going with taboo touchy topics that make traditional, uptight Christians (especially black ones) squirm!! So I am gonna keep on keepin on that same course!


A lot of my sentiments I completely feel that the woman addresses in her OP-ED Blog.

The Crunk Feminist Collective

Yesterday, for the first time in my life, I walked out of church in the middle of service. I grew up in church; my stepfather of 15 years is a pastor; as recently as 2009, I led a ministry team  at one of Atlanta’s Baptist megachurches. Thus, my choice to get up and walk out while the pastor was speaking defied every notion of decorum I have ever been taught.

But when he stood to express his unequivocal support for Atlanta megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar who was arrested late last week for committing simple battery and cruelty to a child on his fifteen year old daughter, I had to go. 

I have struggled in recent years to reconcile my long-standing faith, to my relatively more recent feminist commitments. And it is precisely because of the Black Church’s continued willingness to advocate problematic, violent, hierarchical stances against women and gay…

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