DNC got Godly Bullied by UnGodly RNC

It was rather disappointing to me and reaffirmed my gladness of why I left being a Democrat and became a registered Independent. I see that DNC got severely PUNKED by the RNC bullies to put God and Jerusalem in their platform for the convention they had in Charlotte, NC the first week in September.

Here is a link to the DNC platform. It is amazing to me that this needed to be indicated in a platform for DNC. It matters to me not at all as an Imperfect Christian because God to me doesn’t have to be on paper like it needs to be for a conservative. God is in my heart and how I condone myself and treat others. God is a reflection of how people see you and if you live by Christian faith. You can know scriptures forwards and backwards but if you don’t practice what is being preached of biblical principals you tout in a platform what good is it to you and your conscious? It is sad that Democratic National Committee got bullied by conservative bloggers and conservative media on no God in their original platform. Big whoopie doo that Republican National Convention puts religious freedom (not specifically God persay) in their platform. Yet the RNC party and it’s people support and condone unGodly disrespectful behavior towards the President as well as support unGodly platforms (please check out the referenced link in the prior sentence). Let’s not even forgot the Ungodly chair performance art (met with howls of laughter in the sea of RNC whiteness) with it’s use of implied profanity by a beloved actor-director (who was the surprise speaker) of Americana film during RNC’s primetime on the final night (that upstaged the RNC Presidential candidate Mitt Romney).

So for the DNC to be punked & bullied by a bunch of unGodly fools speaks volumes of why Democrats don’t stand up for jack!!