Newtown, CT tragedy & My comments to Bill Maher

It is sad and heartbreaking the tragic killing that happened in the “supposedly safe and wouldn’t normally happen here” town of Newtown, CT. I happened to have seen this post from comedian Bill Maher on his Facebook page re: Newton, CT tragedy:

Sorry but prayers and giving your kids hugs fix nothing; only having the balls to stand up to our insane selfish gun culture will.

Bill Maher is an out and proud atheist who mostly disrespects people who are of faith. There are countless items you can Google on him to hear of his atheist viewpoints. My point of view on Maher is he hasn’t dealt with some deeper level of disgust and anger he has on his issues unresolved with organized religion and those who are of faith and belief. I also have issues with organization religion and double standards I see. Maher’s way he deals with it is to mock, disrespct and make fun of those who follow a particular faith. I have no objections to anyone who is an atheist. But if you insult folks whose spiritual viewpoint isn’t yours sorry I lose respect for you!

This is what I said in response to his “Mr. Know It All” outlook. Because I am “This Imperfect Christian” and I like to attempt to keep this blog cuss free I will clean up some of the language I originally used. I apologize in advance if you are offended!

Sorry but doing the first thing has more impact than *itching about “the insane selfish gun culture” that will not change. It takes a childless ***hole like Bill who is very aware just like I am that politicians (from both sides) & their ties & blood money from gun lobbyists, gun companies & NRA. Those politicians HAVE NO BALLS to stand up to those entities. They can’t stand up to those entities without catching hellfire from those entities as well as conservative outlets & pundits *itching about protecting their damn precious *** 2nd Amendment. As long as you have had politicians come on your show for WELL over a decade U KNOW THIS GOOD & HELL WELL IT WILL NOT CHANGE! DUH BILL!

For a clueless atheist to NOT comprehend the blessing of living to see another day & not taking it for granted having your love ones around speaks volumes. Isn’t your sister a teacher by the way? What if your sister was senselessly gun down in her classroom along with her students? I am quite sure a wave of emotions would be flooding how you feel and you would also wish to HUG HER AGAIN! Keep in mind that instead of Christmas celebrations these Newtown, CT families must now make funeral arrangements & survive the loss of their loved ones. They must NOW look at Christmas presents they were to give to their loved ones who are not their to receive them! Just outspoken & opinionated food for thought to a clueless, childless, ***hole atheist and his two points brought up in his status!

I doubt seriously that Maher read my Facebook post but even if he did I am glad what I stated and I have no problem telling this verbatim directly to his face.