A Ravens Fan Playoff Prayer


Dear God please don’t make me regret my photo for today. I pray for a win Lord only to be able to talk ish on Twitter to My Man an uber Steelers fiend engaged to an airhead. That airhead who gave me a #GirlBye moment because she likes football because of the uniforms that look like Tony the Tiger. Can U imagine the fabulous ladies of #RavensNations treated to a sexy strip tease by some Joe Manganiello losing a playoff bet? #FansMyself #INeedAMomentOr2

Anyways Lord that’s beside the point. I am still your child and U know I backslide &U still love me! LMAO

Please don’t make me regret Lord not stalking “Inside NFL” studio in NY to crazy stupid bear hug Ed Reed & be pleading for him to play today! I want Flacco to not throw interceptions and the offense to be a force to be reckon with. Haloti Ngata U still on My Ish List but U better earn my forgiveness when U #PlayLikeARaven. Defense Step The Hell Up and also act like Know. Offense don’t be co dependent on Defense to do it all. I need my team to come together like a Beatles song & make this win happen. This season has been a challenge to be a fan and still have love for my team. So dealing with being a fan of a Brother from the UK with Bmore ties and his recent HAM came easy to deal with if I can still be a fan of my Purple Babies. Perhaps this motivational speech from Brother from the UK can help My Beloved Team!  I’m Just Saying!!

Lord please be a Ravens fan now more than ever. All kidding aside it’s been a rough season and a morale boast for fans is needed with this win. Oh please know my heart Lord when I cuss during the game! Amen! Sincerely this Imperfect Christian! ♡♡


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