War Room Review


I saw this movie on Sunday before My Ravens game with my mom. It is a very good Christian movie with great messages. I wasn’t crazy about the over preachy aspects of it in the older woman who helped a younger woman real estate agent dealing with family & marital issues. I personally feel you don’t force someone to pray because that’s what works for you. I test the waters first on folks reaction to prayer. If they are receptive to it great. I understand the movie makes the assumption the younger woman was but that’s not reality for everyone.

Great message I took away of dealing with challenges of creating your own space for your “War Room”. A place with scriptures to use for dealing with your challenges faced or just for being thankful and showing gratitude. Be it posting them on a wall in the room. Or using your hard copy bible or using an electronic notebook for scriptures.

It is a well recommended movie to check out. As long as you are aware of things situated in the movie are done so to keep with the Christian based theme. 🙂


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